The Aims and Objectives of the University of Basra

  1. 1-To Prepare manpower which is qualified scientifically, professionally and ethically in the different fields of knowledge to meet the needs and requirements of the labor market.
  2. 2-To Invest in the human mind to achieve innovation and excellence at the local and global level.
  3. 3-To Promote scientific research to support the strategic plans of the university, serve the development and to contribute to knowledge enrichment in general.
  4. 4-To achieve the notion ‘productive university’ that has a clear impact on itself and the society by making use of new technologies and advancement in science and knowledge to serve and develop the community.
  5. 5.To continuously improve and develop the curriculum, skills and scientific technical and administrative capacity to improve the performance of all the university employees.
  6. 6-To provide an excellent working environment for students, faculty and staff that reassures and provides opportunities for creativity and innovation.
  7. 7-To preserve Arab and Islamic heritage and moral virtues.
  8. 8-To apply quality standards as an aim and means to obtain international recognition and accreditation.