Department of Scientific Affairs

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A Resumé:


The Department of Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies is one of the main departments at the university and is administratively linked to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA) that is, in turn, connected to the Chancellor. This department carries out tasks thanks to being attached to the assistant deans for academic affairs at the colleges of the university. The department consists of three main sections, namely:


The Graduate Studies Department.

The Research and Development Division (including the academic promotion).

Transcript Division


The Duties:

The circulation of the admission plan for postgraduate studies received from the Ministry of Higher Education to the colleges. Having received, the admission plan is put together and set in spiral and sent to the Ministry for authentication.

Approving the verification of the senate letters for the claiming parties.

Issuing senate letters to form examining committees.

The work on the joint programmes among universities and other sectors according to the “Access” system periodically every three months.

Follow-up and monitoring of scientific journals issued by the colleges and centres of our university totaled (26) Magazines.

Following-up the academic productions of the staff members of the university colleges and centres periodically every three months.

Auditing the transcripts received from the 15 colleges of the university, and then stamping the transcripts each according to the humanities and scientific colleges. These transcripts having mistakes are returned to the concerned colleges.

Authenticating the transcripts by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Tracking the forged transcripts received from inside and outside Iraq and taking the required measures.


Director of the Department of Academic Affairs:

Assistant Professor Haider Abdul-Hassan Aboud

Cell phone: 009647719802132



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