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About us

The Department of Cultural Relations was formed since the foundation of the University of Basrah in 1964. It was then called the Directorate of General Cultural Relations. It is one of the most important departments of the university. It is administratively linked to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA), who is, in turn, linked to the chancellor of the university. This department is interested in many activities and events and sets the concerned procedures, and the most important of these events are deputations, seminars, and conferences inside and outside Iraq, hosting, sabbatical leave, fellowships, study leaves, scholarships and bilateral agreements between the Arab and foreign universities, ceremonies, and receiving visitors and delegations from outside Iraq through the activities carried out by the university, in addition to the follow-up of training programmes of teaching staffs outside Iraq, and the programme of supporting postgraduate researches outside Iraq


Processing the files of scholarship students, fellowships, study leaves, deputations, memorandums of understanding and bilateral agreements with all required accuracy, care and responsibility for the benefit of the university and its employees.


Upgrading and promoting all the requirements of processing scholarships, fellowships, study leaves, agreements, and memorandums of understanding in order to get better results.


To make the chancellery and the main offices of the colleges have a big role in determining the number of seats for the scientific groups and determining the specializations when the Ministry of Higher Education announces the scholarships for the benefit of the university.
To reduce the period required to process the scholarship as of the beginning of the application until the student travels abroad.
To maintain contact between the university and scholarship students throughout their study abroad to know their activities and participation in academic conferences, if any.
To complete student files (fellowships, study leaves) in accordance with clear and specific regulations.
The regulations serve the student as of his initiating studies until he returns to the country and do not affect his study, and the cultural attachés are the best support for the student to follow up his academic course.
To be committed to the specializations required by the colleges according to specific criteria that guarantee the right of each student to obtain the opportunity to study abroad and all scientific and humanitarian studies without discrimination.
Deputation outside Iraq lies in the participation of the university professors in training courses, conferences, workshops, and presenting researches.
Sabbatical includes a full-time teaching on the part of our university staff members in the Arab and foreign universities for one year to complete a scientific research during this period.
The work for deputing the postgraduate students (Master and PhD degrees) in research scholarships during the research writing to complete their researches outside Iraq.
Hosting a number of Arab and foreign professors in the institutions affiliated to the University of Basrah to give lectures and exchange of experiences.
To sign memorandums of understanding and agreements with Arab and foreign countries and contact the cultural offices to hold training courses outside Iraq
Director of Cultural Relations Department

Dr. Adheed Habeeb Taha Al-Timeemi

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell phone number: 009647810410172







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