Department of Planning and Follow-up

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Department of Planning and Follow-up

The Department of Studies, Planning, and Follow-up seeks to develop and promote the level of the university’s various formations at all levels of administrative ladder starting with the chancellery and the main offices of the colleges and ending by the last administrative level of this ladder.


Planning plays a “critical” role for the success of the organization. It is regarded as the first job of the manager. No organization can achieve its goals, whether it uses a “traditional” or a “modern” way in management unless it practices planning. A plan is a set of objectives the organization tries to achieve by dint of the necessary resources to realize such goals. Therefore, planning is the process of developing appropriate plans through gathering information, identifying available alternatives, choosing the best alternative among them, and delineating the successful areas of behaviour that lead to realize these plans. As such, planning is more related to future perspectives than to the time being. There are varieties in the scope of planning. There are long-term plans that span over five years, medium-term plans whose range is three years, and short-term plans, which last less than one year. The longer the plan is, the more obscure their results are due to the high degree of uncertainty arising from the complexity and dynamics of the environment and the scarcity of resources.

Comprehending importance of planning as a basic job, the University of Basrah has established a specialized department under the name “Department of Studies, Planning, and Follow-up) on July 24, 2002.



Contributing to the development of short-, medium-, and long-term strategic plans to implement the goals of the university with the least effort and the shortest time.
Determining the objectives to be achieved for the university in general and its formations in particular.
Organizing courses in various planning activities that are related to the university.
Upgrading the career and professional level of the whole university staff.
Director of the Department of Planning and Follow-up:

Prof. Dr. Osama Nazeem Ja’far

Phone number: 07730500414






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