University of Basrah helds a scientific course for the use of scientific research tools
University of Basrah organizes a workshop on laboratory classification and unified coding system
An academics from university of Basrah receive the silver medal at the Applied Research and Patent Conference in Baghdad
Faculty of Agriculture at university of Basrah is preparing to hold a training course on the two bioedit and MEGA7 programs
Faculty of Pharmacy hosts the certificate equivalency exam in pharmacy for international students

Department of Legal Affairs


Department of Legal Affairs
The department consists of the following divisions and units:

Property Division.
Investigation Division.
Guarantee Unit.
Housing Unit.
Post and Follow-up Unit.
The administrative and functional structure with the tasks performed

Property Division

To continue to follow up the allocation of land.
To continue the research in cooperation with the Directorate of Real Estate Registration to obtain properties owned by the University.
Investigation Division

To implementing the recommendations of several minutes of investigative committees.
To settle down most of the forgery issues.
To complete a number of opinion data referred by the university chancellor and his assistants.
Guarantee Unit

To follow up the disenrolled and collect the government debt.
To follow-up the breaching students outside and inside Iraq.
To organizing contracts for all students / outside Iraq.
To collect all government debt for breaching students inside and outside Iraq.
Housing Unit

To raise criminal complaints against some of the transgressors on the units.
To contact the municipalities to allocate a number of housing units for teachers and employees.
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