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A lecturer from Agriculture Faculty at Basrah University receives a review confirmation certificate from an international publishing house
A researcher from Basrah University Participates in Human Sciences conference in Baghdad University
A lecturer at Basrah University was elected as a member in a scientific committee of an Arabic journal
Basrah University publishes a book about scientific research centers role in decision-making
Basrah University publishes a reference book for companies seeking investment at the province
A lecturer from Basrah University Published research in an international journal
Al-Issa issues free medical scholarships at universities & private colleges
Basrah University holds a seminar on Basrah's water scarcity & saltiness
Basrah University welcomes British Council Director
Discussions to be held during August 2018
University of Basrah begins to receive students applying for direct admission to its colleges
Basrah University arranges a seminar on psychological stress, its effects, and strategies for treating them
A lecturer at Basrah University issued a book entitled “Presidents History of Basrah University”
The Ministry of Education announce the expanded admission seat in higher education
A lecturers from Al-Basrah University participate in a training course in Turkey about the basic skills of psychiatric treatment
University of Basrah welcomes of a Kuwaiti writer
University of Basrah holds the Third Annual Medical Conference of Hajj
An academic chosen from university of Basrah as a member of the British Society of Immunology
Minister of Higher Education honors one of the students of University of Basrah for get on the first place in the forum of creators
An academic choice at university of Basrah as a scientific evaluator in three global journal
An academic from university of Basrah gives a scientific lecture at University of Baghdad
A two researchers from university of Basrah participates at the agricultural scientific conference in wasit Governorate
A mutual seminar between university of Basrah and Iraqi academics syndicate
University of Basrah gets on an Achievement in getting the Nisa Prize for Best Iraqi Scientific Research during 2017
University of Basrah celebrates the graduation of the Victory and Development Course
An academic at university of Bsrah participates in publishes a scientific research at an international scientific conference
An Iraqi student gets on an award of the best PhD thesis at United Kingdom
University of Basrah starting the work in Journal Club for the board students in the pathological chemistry
An academic at university of Basrah publishes research at scientific journal
University of Basrah honors families of martyrs in Qurna and Medina districts
University of Basrah Labs gets on an accreditation certificate ISO
University of Basrah introduces lecture system interactive e-learning
Hamdan receives Al- Eidani to discuss the creation of opportunities for the employment of owners of higher grades
An academic at university of Basrah receives a certificate of appreciation from an international magazine
Al-Issa visits college of the great Imam and conforms: Educational institutions in Iraq are not isolated from each other
An academic at university of Basrah participates within the jury of Karbala days festival
Al-Issa visiting university of Al-furat Al-Awsat exams and confirms the support of technical disciplines
University of Basrah organizes a Ramadan evening for students of the dormitory
President of the University of Basrah visits the exam halls
University of Basrah organizes a seminar about the law of association of academics and the rules of procedure
University of Basrah discusses the role of Banking Companies in the controlling on the Money laundering
An academic has chosen at university of Basrah as Scientific evaluator in a global journal
University of Basrah Issue No. (46) Of the Journal of Economic Sciences
Honoring outstanding at College of Education for women
University of Basrah in the 2nd on Iraq universities in university ranking academic performance
A Delegation from American College of Petizer visits university of Basrah
The researchers from university of Basrah participates in Conference Coexistence and Community Peace
University of Basra organizes a Ramadan evening for students of the dormitory
A scientific seminar at university of Basrah entitled The Fourth Scientific Day of Internal Medicine
The Minister of Education is inspecting the conduct of the final examinations at University of Baghdad

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