University of Basrah Honours the Martyrs’ Families and Children of the Al-Hashid Al-Sha’bi (Mass Rally)

The Chancellery of the University of Basrah held a fast-breaking banquet and a religious evening in the presence of a large group of families and children of the martyrs of the Al-Hashid Al-Sha’i. The director of the media and public relations department, Dr. Ali Al-Kinani, said that the chancellery in an initiative within its societal project and at the expense of the chancellor, Prof. Dr. Thamer Ahmed Hamdan, held a religious evening and a fast-breaking banquet for the families of the martyrs of the Al-Hashid Al-Sha’bi. The evening, attended by the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran and a number of officials of the Al-Hashid Al-Sha’I in Basra, witnessed the awarding of more than 185 families of martyrs. Al-Kinani said that the University of Basrah has been, throughout the previous years, a pioneer in providing support and assistance to the families of the martyrs of the Al-Hashid Al-Sha’i. The holding of such Ramadhan evening has become an annual tradition by the university as a part of its continuous interaction with the community.


On his part, chancellor Prof. Thamer Ahmed Hamdan in a speech said that “the role of the university is not only limited to the academic and creative aspect, but also it goes on to serve the community and provide assistance to its various groups. To support the families of martyrs of the Al-Hashid Al-Sha’i and their children is a religious, national, and moral duty, which is the least that can be given vis–à–vis the holy blood shed in defense of the homeland and holy sites. He pointed out that the university continues to give and provide assistance concerning all fields”.

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