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Dr.Khalid Chlab Al.Salhie, Tariq Faraj Shawkat and Bashar Ahmed Mohammed published in the Basrah University College of Agriculture their tagged research (additionaleffectiveness of Dates palm trees to Feeding in the some of the physiological and reproductive characteristics of the Japanese quail) in The Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Science newspaper which ranked in database of international archives Scopus.

And the research product actions of Positive stimulation of the Genital glands in  Japanese quail bird during the feeding of birds about the different levels from Dates palm trees, and the results appear morality  increasing in the relative weights for the testes and ovary and ovarian canal in females additional to the relative improvement in the numbers and diameter of primary ovarian follicles in the female ovarian and relative improvement in the diameter of the seminal tubule and bacterial cell layer thickness.


And the tagged products to relative decreasing for the diameter of seminal tubular cavity in the male testes and additional to find relative increasing in the sex hormones (Testosterone, estrogen, FSH and LH).

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