Academic at basrah university ranslates book entitle (letters to visa)



Issued for academic at the Faculty of Education for Human Sciences at the University of Basra Dr. (Abdul Sattar Abdul Latif) translation for the book(letters to visa, for Russian-American author f). The book is translation for collection letters from authorship Russian-American author Vladimir Nabokov.


The author showed that letters "Naboko's to visa not just a book "Anthology " which includes between two pages husband letters to his wife  

but the story of the departure, what went with the wind, a journey of the years of bitter and The Days of Prosperity so Nabokov now has been rich The old aristocrat returned which he is from St. Petersburg city ,so he addition that this a book is the Odyssey in letters that its cover required publicly and showed  in fornt of are known to all. It's the departure of age through the letters of what was to Nabokov to come on mind him that his father showing his secret life . The book contained on 287 letters written from 1923-1976 To tell what he left of the art of high-octopus relations, it is a biography written from heart to heart.


He showed that the importance of the book focuse that its change public concepts about "Nabokov" and about book met with them and its religious or political positions and secret organizations which endeavor embrace it such as (Freemasonry or British intelligence) and  The book revealed that (there is no clear sky of clouds) in relation with his wife vera after the discovery of his relationship with a Russian girl then his endeavor rupture the rift with her either pleasing her or his amazing way In collecting money in coded ways or by creating fictional characters this book has a major contribution to the literature of correspondence which addition to arabic library.

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