Basrah university discusses the metaphors of seditionin a political speech for Al-Imam Ali (peace on him)


Seminar in Basrah studies center and the arab gulf at basrah university discussion metaphors of sedition in political speech for Al-Imam Ali (peace on him) .

a researcher Ayad Mohamed Aboud said that for Verbal metaphors a prominent role in discovering the ideological vision of their users, it's found about deeper level of conceptual perceptions for the world and does not differ in it's meanings and Components , whether it  appear in religious discourse or political and even literary.


A seminar showed some of the models of those metaphors which that he adopted the prince of believers Ali Ibn Abi Talib (peace on him) in his political speeches for the concept of sedition presented to the Islamic community as A tool for revealing Aleilawia ideology in the fight against that social and political scourge.

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