An academic at university of basrah get on the Ph.D. from British


Dr miqdad alhujaj the academic at faculty of the pharmacy got on the Ph.D. from (University of East Anglia) British of his Thesis Dissertation (manufacture of pharmaceuticals in the form of oral adhesives in thermal smelting, molding and thermal three-dimensional printing).

Dr. miqdad said that study included: Manufacture of innovative pharmaceuticals by mouth by in very modern ways for Increased bioavailability for (felodipine) used in the treatment of blood pressure diseases and prevention of angina. so a new method has been developed to make pharmaceuticals printable by 3D printing which will significantly contribute to the development of a new generation of drugs that is suitable for each patient's condition by weight, gander, intensity of disease and Personalised medicine  .

So  that The study also contributed to the development of a new thermal method for the diagnosis and testing of pharmaceuticals, characterized by speed, low cost and easy to use by researchers and It is hoped to be an effective tool for researchers soon.

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