University of basrah discusses the legal organization to fight criminal gangs


A seminar at Faculty of law at university of baarah discussion the legal organization to fight criminal gangs. 

A researcher Zainab Ali Hamid said that gangs is a serious criminal phenomenon that has expansion widely and that an average of 60% -70% of the crimes currently committed by these gangs, the risk is not the people only , but it came to the fact that some gangs may control the fate of some countries, expansion those gangs had become a threat to security in the society, those gangs represent a major threat on the economic, political and administrative system of the State, in addition to the Great damage which caused by from a social side and administrative, despite these dangers, texts that have been devoted to dealing with this phenomenon within the field of Iraqi criminal law, whatever the  contained Texts in the Penal code No 111 for 1969 amending, the texts of the Criminal Procedure Code No. 23 of 1971 amending, the texts contained in the Law of the Ministry of the Interior No. 20 of 2016 are characterized by a large deficiency and weakness contributed to expansion of this phenomenon

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