University of basrah discusses Use different network technologies and wireless sensor net


Faculty of engineering at university of basrah held a seminar titled Use different network technologies and wireless sensor net to design and implement integrated for smart home, by researcher Bilal Naji Hussein.

He dealt with study integrated system for smart home to Improving the quality of human life.

the researcher said that the purpose of seminar is to exploit the technologies of networks and wireless sensor networks to design a complete system and flexibility is very high in this system are controlled units of the house remotely in different ways, where can be controlled by telephone using SMS, internet by using of a Specialized Website, e-mail and the Control from within the home by voice commands and Bluetooth.

Various sensors were used for the purpose of performing various tasks such as Ability to detect risks, and used sensors voltage to protect the electrical equipment from the risk of rise and low.

Automated detection system is designed to Power Factor and corrected, Design of electric impact safety system.

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