A patent at university of basrah about Designing and studying the performance of a new solar module for water desalination and heating



The academic Jassim Mahdi Mohammed Al Asadi at faculty  of education for pure sciences at university of basrah received on Patented about Standardization and quality control agency of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning about (designing and studying the performance of a new solar module for water desalination and heating).

Patented included the design and manufacture of a new desalination and heating unit using solar energy in basrah city, And through the experiment proved to be highly efficient and appropriate to the atmosphere of the province, where the productivity (14.6) liter / m2, This is the highest productivity obtained by researchers in the city until now depending on the amount of solar radiation, the hot water has reached its temperature (47.3-62.3) Co, at the rate of flow velocity (65-69) ml / min, to the period from December 2013 to May 2014, This flow velocity gives preference to the system versus the designs produced by other researchers in the same field, where this new solar module produces hot and fresh water at the same time. Patented could to design product design has practical characteristics and is easy to manufacture and uses the damaged and consumed materials as raw materials in the process of its establishment (recycling of damaged and consumed materials).It can be manufactured in small workshops and small labs, and it is economical cost suitable for fixed income and below average, in addition to the possibility of future development.

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