University of Basrah get on third place in Academic Theater Festival in Wasit


University of Basrah got on third place within university of Theater Festival, which held by university of Wasit with participation of Universities of central and southern Iraq.

Dr. Haider Dasher, Theatrical Director and is one of the participants in the festival said in his talk about university receive for that award, that the participation of the university was made through the presentation of a play (The lemon boy), where the play was written by the writer Jabbar Sabri al-Attiyah and directed by student Yasser Al Mayahi. The Festival has witnessed a great competition between the participating theater groups that represented (15) universities whose plays varied between the seriousness of the subtraction, the objective and the artistic message. Where the evaluation activities were conducted with transparency and high neutrality by the Host University and arbitration Committee.

Dasher added also that theatrical work was the result of joint cooperation between the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Department of Student Activities at our university. Where the show has also won the best Scenography in the festival.

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