An academic from university of Basrah puplish a scientific research in a internotinal journal with participation of foreign two researchers


Dr. Ather Hussein Ali the academic at faculty of Agriculture, university of Basrah, in collaboration with Dr. Omar Mohamed Amin of the University of Arizona and Dr. Richard Heckman of the University of Brigham Young, published their research tagged (The discovery of a new species and type of parasitic hairworm in the intestines of two species of marine fish) in The American Journal of Parasitology, published in Thomson Reuter and Scopus.

Ali said they were able to look at the description of the gender detected in the mirror and the technique of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), metal analysis of different areas of the hooks of the weapon of the seal using X-ray Microanalysis. where The new gender was compared with other genders in the family and the family was identified and some of its characteristics were modified according to the new addition to the new diagnostic characteristics.

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