Education calls for intensified cooperation with health and protection of doctors


The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Issa, called for intensifying the level of cooperation between the Ministries of Higher Education and Health, providing an appropriate environment for the protection of doctors.

This came in his speech during the Scientific Conference on Medical Education which held by university of Kufa in collaboration with University of Leicester and the Foundation of Bhar Al aleulum in the presence of Baroness Emma Nicholson, a member of the House of Lords.

Al-Issa said that the Ministry of Higher Education puts in its national strategy a distinguished position of medical specialties because of its direct contact with the lives of the individual and society. He also emphasized the work and communication with international universities and medical research centers and the creation of spaces to ensure the development of expertise to promote the objectives of quality and reliability.

The Minister of Higher Education said also that it is right for our competent colleges to be proud of the adoption of the National Council of Medical Colleges in Iraq within the Councils of global accreditation, he noting that this achievement demonstrates the level of Equanimity and the steps of accreditation in university of medical in Iraq.

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