University of Basrah issues a new edition of Gulf Economic journal 2018/5/10


Basrah Studies Center and Arabian Gulf at university of Basrah issued (33) edition of Gulf Economic journal, it is a scientific Quarterly Specialized, which deals with the economic, administrative, statistical and accounting affairs of Arabian Peninsula.

The edition included on the introduction of Dr. Yahya Hamoud Hassan, the head of editor said that the great effort of the Gulf countries to diversify its economies. But those the country still rely mainly on their natural wealth of oil and gas in the financing of their annual budgets, which suffer from the shocks of global oil price fluctuations. where the edition discussed a sit of the scientific research as a research in The future of the energy sector in Iraq under the energy strategy for the period (2030 - 2012), the another research about Desertification and salinization in Iraq and its economic effect with a special reference to the province of Basra for the period (2015 - 2004) and to examine the assessment of economic indicators of the performance of the labor market in Iraq.

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