University of Basrah organizes a Ramadan evening for students of the dormitory




Presidency of University of Basrah organized a Ramadan evening in Colleges Karmat Ali location for students of the dormitory, where the evening included a several activities by the students.

Dr. Thamer Ahmed Hamdan, President of University said during a speech at the evening that everyone should benefit from the holy month of Ramadan and to lead of the guidance of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, peace be upon him, on the anniversary of his martyrdom, especially his science, exploits, justice and wisdom.

The evening included the hosting of the student, Ali Al-Batat conservation of Quran and the winner of the national competition in conservation. It also included a theater performance by the University Association of Theater as well as the students' speech and Al naba band for canticle. The evening ended with the distribution of gifts and certificates of appreciation to a number of students of the dormitory.

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