Hamdan receives Al- Eidani to discuss the creation of opportunities for the employment of owners of higher grades



Pro. Thamer Ahmed Hamdan, President of the University of Basrah received in his office Eng. assad Al- Eidani, Governor of Basrah.

During the meeting, which was attended by Dr. Abdul Hussain Salman, Director General of Basrah Education and a number of graduates which owners of higher grades, dealt with to the possibility of providing them with jobs and the opportunity to take their scientific and academic role in the university.

So has been discussed a Ways to resolve issues related to lack of jobs have been discussed because of the country's financial crisis over the past period. Finding opportunities to employee a number of them as lecturers in a number of evening colleges in the university as well as put forward many proposals and opinions that contribute to benefit from their expertise and specializations in other departments and institutions in addition to the formation of a joint committee to follow up this file.

Where the recent financial crisis prevented the provision of employees for graduates, especially owners of higher degrees.

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