University of Basrah Labs gets on an accreditation certificate ISO



Department of Mechanical Engineering at university of Basrah got on an accreditation certificate ISO.

Dr. Rafel Mahmoud Lefta, head of department of Mechanical Engineering said that Laboratory work started in 2016 with lab quality and within ISO /IEC17025 and The laboratories are depended locally and internationally with tests conducted for all private and public sectors. Where the work it began before two years, the participated has been in many of courses within Iraqi Committee of accreditation standardization and quality control. Where the last course which hold in College of Engineering by Elham Hussein Mostafa the lectureer and direct of iraqi Committees for accreditation. so Dr. Salman Ali Al Jumaili, ministry of planning has been given a Certificate of accreditation to College of Engineering\ Department of Mechanical Engineering in Laboratory tests for metal materials, College of Engineering is the only in the south and west district which got on accreditation and the second college in Iraq after university of Baghdad.

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