An academic at university of Basrah publishes research at scientific journal



Abdullah Mohammed Rashed, the academic at college of education for human sciences published a scientific research in theoretical and applied information technology journal, under title TOWARD FOR STRONG AUTHENTICATION CODE IN CLOUD OF INTERNET OF THINGS BASED ON DWT AND STEGAOGRAPHY. The researcher showed  in his research that the period has witnessed a rapid development in the field of hardware and microprocessor and communication. Where Technology, networks, computers and the Internet have become very necessary. As a result the Internet concept of things appeared, the mobility devices in Internet science things have entered into all fields of life ranging from smart home down to smart city. As well as a large system storage require data security with flexible processors. In this research we suggest a secure and data-safe plan against attacks during a communication channel in an Internet environment when Internet components want to share things in its data.

This suggestion depends on the basis of HASH encryption function, Discrete Wavelet Transform which apple on Transmissions between sender and receiver. Where suggest study distinguishes between a good security system, scalability, and reliability in data exchanged by internet of things. In addition that the suggestion system includes a several of features such as one message of each to access request, User identity not detected and key session.

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