University of Basrah celebrates the graduation of the Victory and Development Course



University of Basrah, in present of a large number of official figures and Iraqi Parliament members and heads of public and private universities hold of the ceremony graduation central of its students of victory and development course. Where the ceremony included present a large of graduation student and their family. the ceremony started with walking of groups in front of them site which held Iraqi flags and Logo of the Republic of Iraq, logo of university and a logo course, after that A review of the procession of the sons of the martyrs and the procession of the university council followed by the processions of graduate students preceded by college councils. After the students sat down, the ceremony began with the reading of a verse from Quran al-kreem and reading of Al-Fatihah for Iraqi martyrs, then play the national anthem, the ceremony included lighting a flag candle and Launch of the Pigeons for begin the ceremony, where speech of Dr. thammer ahmed hamdan, President of the University, speech of Dr. Mohsen Abdali Fureiji Representative of Minister of Higher Education and Research, speech of graduation student then Approving university orders to award degrees to college students and graduate students, reading of Graduation pledge and medical pledge of the medical group where the ceremony ended with the distribution of gifts to the first students, the ceremony included also the many of activities and the university of Basrah included the opening of the Faculty of zhara Medicine to add to its 19 colleges to become the total of the university's colleges for this year 20 colleges distributed on 3 sites in Bab Al-Zubayr, Al- Karma and Al-Baradiah.



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