An academic from university of Basrah gives a scientific lecture at University of Baghdad



Dr. Labeed Abdullah Najm Al - Saad the academic at faculty of Agriculture, university of Basrah gave a scientific lecture about The basics of digital image analysis by using of Image J in a workshop which hold in college of Education for pure sciences\Ibn al-Haytham

\ University of Baghdad.

Al - Saad said that the lecture dealt with the definition of the program, which is one of the programs of digital image processing mission in the field of biology, medical science, astronomy, physics, chemistry and geology where It can extract important data from digital images that include accurate measurements of dimensions, regular and irregular spaces, angles, intensity of color, light intensity and remote sensing which in turn dispenses many devices such as spectrophotometer, HPLC, counting devices, nanoparticles, bacterial and fungal colonies and many other devices used In the above-mentioned areas.




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