A lecturer at Basrah University Participates at the 9th International Academic Scientific Conference in Turkey

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Dr. Sana Abdul-Zahra Al-Gaman, Director of Educational Counseling and Psychological Care Center at Basrah University, participated in the ninth International Academic Scientific Conference which was organized by the Arabic Conferences Network in Istanbul that entitled as "Contemporary Trends in Social, Humanity and Natural Sciences".

The participation included a presentation of a research entitled (marital compatibility and its relationship to the wife's understanding of family responsibilities from the wife point of view).

Al-Gaman pointed out in her participation that her research aimed at identifying the marital compatibility of the wife and wife's understanding of family responsibilities. Al-Gaman recommended that the wives should be aware of their family responsibilities, throughout holding courses and training workshops by official and non-official institutions.

She also, received a certificate of achievement and one-year membership from Arabic Conferences network, in addition to publishing the research in Arab Conferences Network.

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