The flag of sorrow on Imam Hussain rises in Basrah University


The University of Basrah witnessed the ceremony of raising the blessed flag of Imam Hussain by the responds of Basrah University President, Professor Thamer Ahmad Hamdan, with the attendance of a members of the University Council and a group of professors and associates professors, to start of the Husseinia rituals in the memorial of the master of martyrs, Imam Hussein bin Ali (peace be upon him).

Ceremonies began with a verse from the Holy Quran and reading of Surat Al-Fatiha upon the souls of the Iraqi martyrs. Dr. Sajid Saad Al-Nour, Vice President for Administrative Affairs of the University, who attended the ceremony and made a speech in which he expressed the university and the lecturer staff supporting for such a ceremony.

Mentioning that it is a great honor for us to raise the flag of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) in the University of Basra to reflect martyrdom, redemption, and sacrifice spirit.




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