University of Basrah discusses Microbial products to Catalyze oil extraction


Faculty of Science at the University of Basrah organized a seminar entitled (Microbial products to Catalyze oil extraction).

The researcher Assad Fharag mentioned that the seminar discussed the techniques used to enhanced oil recovery and the lifting of pressure in wells. These methods include heat treatment, pumping the water and the steam and adding some chemicals. It aims to reduce the remaining crude oil in the well.

Microorganisms are used by producing some materials which contribute to the release of heavy oil that was stuck to the rocks and reduce the viscosity, which leads to the resumption of pumping oil from the wells that had stopped the production. The technique of using bacteria to enhance the production of crude oil is characterized by being safer as it does not use harmful chemical substances as in some other techniques that been used to enhance productivity. Those materials that are used may pose a danger to those who are involved in the oil extraction industry and may cause significant damage to the drilling equipment, pipes, and environment.

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