University of Basrah organizes a seminar on water pollution in Basrah city


The Faculty of Nursing at the University of Basrah organized a scientific seminar on water pollution in Basrah with the participation of researchers and specialists.

The seminar included a lecture given by Dr. Sajjad Salem Issa, Dr. Zeinab Alak, the researcher Abdul Mahdi Ghaleb and the researcher Kazem Jawad, during which they discussed the bacterial water pollution and the types of bacteria and their harmful nature for humans that can be found in polluted water and drinking water, as well as, chemicals that cause water pollution. Those diseases are transmitted by polluted water to the human body in cases of drinking water.

 The seminar addressed ways to prevent this water and the use of drinking water after adding a percentage of chlorine and boiled if it used for drinking. The seminar discussed the most important axes: the biologic axis, the chemical axis, the prevention axis, pollution control, and the therapeutic axis.

The seminar highlighted the importance of community awareness of the biologic, chemical and poisons of polluted water, raising awareness of the risks as well as ways of preventing pollution and giving an idea about the symptoms of human disease.

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