Basrah University is considering developing courses on teaching methods with the Italian delegation


The College of Education for Human Sciences at the University of Basrah urged the Italian delegation to extend scientific and cultural cooperation between the two sides.

The Dean of the college, Dr. Hussein Al-Nur mentioned that the negotiations focused on extending scientific and cultural cooperation with the Italian side.

He added that it was agreed on holding courses for teachers in some of Al-Zubair schools according to the modern teaching methods, in order to prepare a select group of teachers capable of holding training courses within the curricula and teaching methods for their counterparts in the province to improve the educational level. The Italian delegation offered an initial program for the students in the fifth classes as a model for a proposed program. The delegation also expressed that the developed course should include providing the trainees with the necessary skills in managing the classes and self-evaluation of the students by the teacher.

It was agreed to hold the courses weekly at the College of Education for Human Sciences. The course will be attended by students of the fourth classes to take advantage of that experience. The lecturers will be given by the professors of the educational and psychological sciences college, as well as, the representative of the Italian delegation.

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