The University of Basrah Discusses the relationship of environmental stress to the protein pattern in date palms in both Varieties Hilawi & Sayer


A lecture at the College of Agriculture at the University of Basra discussed the relationship of environmental stress with the protein pattern in the date palm.

Dr. Muhammed Abdul Ameer Hassan Al-Najar, A lecturer at the same college mentioned that the study could be carried out to investigate the relationship between the type of environmental stress and the protein pattern in a different number of date palms types in Basrah Governorate. The results could show differences in the number and locations of Protein bundles, the number of protein bundles may range from (5 - 7) protein bundles depending on the stress conditions and class. Stress conditions can also have a significant effect on changing the locations of protein bundles and their molecular weights. The molecular weights of the first protein within all conditions significantly and clearly for both varieties.

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