University of Basrah discusses the role of Basra scientists and thinkers and their impact on human inheritance


A seminar holds by Basrah and Arabic Gulf Studies Center at the University of Basrah discussed the role of Basrah scientists and thinkers and their scientific and literary efforts in enriching the human inheritance and the sufferings that they faced.

The researcher Dikra Muhammed Kadhem, mentioned that "We have shed the light in our discussion on the most prominent celebrities of thought, knowledge and literature from Basrah people and their impact in enriching the Arab and human inheritance with their writings and their sciences for a historical periods starting from the Islamic era till the modern era as well as the types of troubles they faced such as intellectual warfare, physically eliminating, and using coercivity, threating, and intimidation methods, especially the military tribulations such as the revolution of Ibn al-Ash'ath and the physically eliminating of the scientists, and their intended killing during the Zinj era in the Middle Ages and the attacks of Al-Qarmatians.

The researcher recommended holding an expanded seminar to present the status of modern Basrah scientists and thinkers who are still alive and facing the social, political and economic circumstances and the need to support them their families through civil or governmental society organizations and institutions, especially educational ones, as they represent national wealth.


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