University of Basrah organizes a seminar about Basrah Protests... Reasons, Repercussions and Solutions


Basrah University organized a scientific seminar on the protests in Basrah, the reasons, repercussions, and solutions was held by Basrah and Arab Gulf Studies Center with the participation of researchers and specialists.

The seminar included a lecture given by Dr. Sajid Ahmeed Abel Al-Rikabi, a lecturer at the College of Law entitled "Exercise of Public Freedoms and Nation-Building"

The lecture emphasized the facts of the establishment of a modern state with a democratic system, the establishment of the rule of law, constitutional institutions on a social basis which is based on the people. which is recognized by the law as the source of the authorities and the basis of legitimacy as well the state itself as an institutional entity and legal means which is achieving the main goal that is the progress of the nation and its development and improvement, This progress is the exercise of public freedoms, respect for human rights and protecting them from violation. Consequently, all citizens exercise popular control over all authorities and evaluate their actions through the freedom of expression by all possible means such as freedom of the press, publishing, media, communication, and distribution, freedom of assembly and peaceful protest, as recognized by the Iraqi Constitution.

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