University of Basrah discusses the Criminal liability arising from Illegal Immigration


A seminar at the Faculty of Law at the University of Basrah discussed the criminal liability arising from illegal immigration.

The researcher, Ola Abdul-Wahid, mentioned the importance of research lies in the criminal responsibility of the illegal immigrant in terms of Iraqi legislation in particular, comparative laws and international conventions in general because this phenomenon has become a global criminal phenomenon and not only national. It is a transnational crime includes the territorial scope of more than one country and thus the effects.

The danger resulting from them can affect more than one country. The crime is often committed collectively, not individually, and the numbers of participants are large. This leads to a doubling the danger that may affect the state or society to which it is migrating. The frighten of this crime is not benefit the society only, but also to the perpetrator of this crime if migrants move in agreement with organized criminal gangs and are often exploited by trafficking gangs.

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