University of Basrah discusses the meaning particles in the Holy Quran


A seminar in the Faculty of Law at the University of Basrah discussed the meaning particles in the Holy Quran. The researcher, Hossam Ahmed Hashim, mentioned that the meaning particles lead to moral functions in the context of the Koran, a letter that has a certain meaning may lead to another meaning in another context also, The meaning particles are (To, On, From, About, By) and other particles. It’s also considered to be meaningful links within the context and these particles came at the Holy Quran as the origin submitted meaning for them.

The particle (On) for example came out for superiority meanings and it does not leave this meaning in the context of the Quran. But the linguist came out from these rules and they give multiple meanings for each of the particles, they mentioned that the particle (On) may go to a further meaning to be the particle (To). And the same rules can be applied to the other particles, and I think they have made a mistake in this estimation, as each particle of the Holy Quran came to represent its original meaning which is submitted to it.

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