University of Basrah discusses the translation between the literary and scientific text


A seminar at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Basrah discussed the translation between the literary and scientific texts at the College of Science in the Soil and Water Resources Department.

The Researcher Jumaa Abdul-Zahra Nafi, mentioned that translation is a science by its own. It is taught in most universities in advanced countries, indicating that the science of translation is based on the findings of modern linguistics, psychology, anthropology and ethnology sciences.

He also pointed out that the translation has a huge and important role within the process of cultural and social development of nations. And it is one of the scientific and cultural activity phenomena. Translation is one of the most important functions in our world today where the entire world today is agreeing on the importance of information transitions among its different societies. So it is normal that there is a constant demand, urgent and extraordinary need to translate ideas from one language to another.

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