University of Basrah discusses the environmental assessment of pollution in West Qurna1 oil field in southern Iraq

The Faculty of Science at the University of Basrah organized a seminar entitled "Environmental Assessment of Pollution in West Qurna 1 oil field in southern Iraq".

qurna3Hamza Abdul Hussain, a researcher mentioned that the seminar included an acknowledgment of the oil field in the west of the century, which is one of the largest fields at the south area of Iraq which is located northwest of Basrah province. It does include two fields which are Qurna 1 oil field as well as Qurna 2 oil field. The exploration operations began in 1973, at 2014 the company Lukoil began the actual oil production process. The West Qurna 1 oil field includes three degassing stations which are the sixth, the seventh, and the eighth. The extraction and separation processes contain pollutants draining into the environment that surrounds the field. These pollutants are move out in a different number of ways including carriage, sedimentation, spreading, absorption and others which causes a general environmental damage. These pollutants include gases, particulates as well as noise. The methods used to assess pollution in the oil fields have been highlighted to identify the levels and risk ratios to develop scientific contexts in order to reduce pollution rates and limit their spread.

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