University of Basrah organizes an open cultural course on television melodies and dramas

The University of Basrah organized an open cultural course on television melodies and dramas in cooperation with the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts, University of Basrah.


The course included a lecture presented by Dr. Asaad Abd El-Rida, in which he discussed how to convey performance and drama ideas by using sound effects such as musical melody which is considered to be the most important one because of its important role as one of the elements of the directing structure which is indispensable in any television, radio or dramatic work to fill the sensory vacuum of hearing and give the second dimension of the human ear.

Also, it discussed some of the scientific differences which are required by the specialists in the art in the distinction between music and melody, considering that the last is characterized by the stability and absence of Mannerism. While the musical field has a wide area to present creativity and the formation of new melodies.

The course reviewed models of modern Iraqi drama works like short films and series were compound with a mixture of musical instruments.


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