The University of Basrah organizes an exhibition of Plastic arts in its 11th edition


The Department of Plastic Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Basrah organized the exhibition entitled (the road to Karbala) for the annual plastic arts in its 11th edition "on the exhibition hall at the college.

Dr. Ali Sharief Al-Sarayefi, A lecturer at the college and the supervisor of the exhibition mentioned that the exhibition contains works of postgraduate students from the painting branch at plastic arts department and a group of lecturers at the same department in cooperation with the road to Karbala for modern arts group.

Al-Sarayefi added that the exhibition aims at the use of art in humanitarian issues such as freedom, sacrifice, conceitedness and courage, which aims to liberate man from slavery and submission to the manifestations of injustice which is. This is considered to be the essence of the blessed Husseiniyan Renaissance.

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