University of Basrah held Scientific Lecture on Retina micro-blood Vessels Classification Algorithm


The College of Education Humanities at the University of Basrah held a scientific lecture on (Retina micro-blood Vessels Classification Algorithm).

The lecturer Intisar Al- Abadi mentioned that retina is a sensitive cover located within the eye, which consists of ten layers. Its basic function is to receive light signals and turn them into neural signals, which can be translated into a view. Like other parts of the body, the retina is exposing for many diseases, in which, it could be detected through micro-blood vessels examination.

The lecture also included the diseases that attack the retina such as infections, Macular degeneration, which is caused by diabetes that causes changes in the retina of the eye as the appearance of new micro-blood vessels, retinal detachments, and fibrosis, or severe vision impairment that leads to blindness. Primary high blood pressure, kidney infections, and exposure to pregnancy toxemia, these health problems lead to micro-blood vessels sclerosis.

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