University of Basrah Organizes Scientific Journey to State Company for Grain Processing & Al-Mithaq Mill

The Nutrition Sciences Department at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Basrah organized a scientific journey for the State Company for Grain Processing & Al-Mithaq Mill to the third-grade students as part of the grain processing field requirements.


A lecturer at the Nutrition Sciences Department, Abd Al-Rahman Hasan, mentioned that the purpose of organizing the scientific journey is to identify the most important laboratory devices at the company, which are considered to be important devices in assessing the quality of grains and flour. As well as, to identify the stages of receiving, cleaning, moisturizing, breaking, milling, sifting, softening and packing. He explained that the students were accompanied by Dr. Alaa Ghazi Al Hashimi, Dr. Mohammad Ziarah and Dr. Khaled Hassak.

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