The University of Basrah Participate with Mandaean Community at Parwanaiia Days


A delegation from Basrah and Arab Gulf Studies Center participated in the Sabean religion celebration on Parwanaiia Day, which came after a visit by the Center's researchers in order to strengthen relations with various state institutions, groups, and civil society institutions.

A member of the visiting delegation, the head of the economic studies department Basima Kazaar, mentioned that “Basrah has long been known for its religious and cultural diversity. It is one of the Arab cities where the places of worship of different religions and cults converge. I am very proud to be a part of this city and such a beautiful diversity of religions and cults where people live without discrimination”. Mandaeans calls Parwanaiia as "Benja" in their dialect, which is a Persian word meaning number five which are the five days of the feast, meaning the holy and light days.

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