University of Basrah discusses Serological Survey of Avian Influenza Virus Type A & It’s subdivisions

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A seminar at the College of Veterinary Medicine entitled (Serological Survey of Avian Influenza Virus Type A and H5N1 on domestic birds and poultry workers in Baghdad and Basrah).


The Researcher, Safa Ibrahim Jaber, mentioned the seminar aimed to determine the prevalence proliferation of Avian Influenza Virus type A as well as it's subdivisions among domestic birds and poultry workers at Baghdad and Basrah governorates in addition to identifying non-clinical relationships and previous infections with the virus. The researcher recommended monitoring the extent of the spread of Avian Influenza Virus in domestic birds and to consider mechanisms related to human cases as well as the removal of domestic birds from wild birds and to create future studies on Avian Influenza Virus, its prevalence, and development.

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