University of Basrah Holds Scientific lecture about Saba Kingdom in Inscriptions and Ancient Writings in Holy Quran

The Faculty of Education for Girls at the University of Basrah holds a scientific lecture on the Kingdom of Saba in inscriptions and Ancient Writings in Holy Quran. The lecture, Dr. Shatha Ahmed Issa, addressed people of Saba that where mentioned in the Holy Quran, inscriptions and, ancient writings.


As it was mentioned at Holy Quran, Saba Kingdom was a territory fair, happy town, with fresh water and green soil of beautiful nature.

She mentioned that God had inspired her people to build dams, including the famous Marib dam, which was also mentioned in ancient Yemenite inscriptions. In her lectures, Dr. Shatha she used explanatory means, such as maps, inscriptions, and pictures of ancient monuments, through presenting a documentary videotape about the subject.

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