Researcher at the University of Basrah participates in the first International Heritage and Archeology Conference


A researcher from Basrah and Arabian Gulf Studies Center at the University of Basra, Dr. Hussein Qasim Al-Yasiri, participated in the first International Heritage and Archeology Conference which was held by Imam Hussein Holy Shrine which came under the title of (Monument demolishing is omitting of nations civilizations) at Karbala Province.

The participation included the presentation of a research entitled: (Religious monuments in the city of Mosul and its impact on the development of the tourism sector), and the researcher in his research showed the presence of various worship places in Mosul and the importance of employment in tourism sector development there because of the good economic return of the province and stressed the researcher on several proposals, The reconstruction of Mosul and the strengthening of the security aspect and the establishment of a council for the dialogue of religions and cults there to promote peaceful coexistence in the province.

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