University of Basrah discuss Landmarks of New Middle East

eastGeography Department at the College of Education for Girls in Basrah University organized a symposium entitled "Landmarks of New Middle East".

Dr. Mohammed Zabari, mentioned that US military journal, published an important report on a process of changing the features of the Middle East geographically, when there are new countries creating, dividing others countries, as well as changing and integrating countries. The reason for that is the borders set by the Sykes-Picot Agreement in which multilateralism hadn't been taken into consideration and will, therefore, be time bombs that would create conflicts and wars in the Middle East and thus new sets of strategies were created for the emergence of new countries.

Also he mentioned creating new Kurdish countries include Kurds in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, as well as Shiia states including southern Iraq, Arabistan, and Al-Ahsa in Saudi Arabia that divides Saudi Arabia into religious states including Mecca and Medina, parts of Yemen and Jordan, as well as Palestinian group in the Greater Jordan. The aim of these changes is to integrate the Zionist entity into the new Middle East system and to dismantle the elements of Arab nation power for the sovereignty of Israel in that vital region without the establishment of major nation-states.

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