University of Basrah discusses (Self-Affirmation Impact Glossophobia Reduction of University Students)


A seminar held at Education for Human Sciences College in Educational Guidance department at the University of Basrah (Self-Affirmation Impact Glossophobia Reduction of University Students). The researcher (Ahmed Abdel Samad) mentioned that "Glossophobia is a problem that faced some young people in which it has its own reasons and it’s originating from the individual himself, and it has environmental reasons resulting from the social conditioning to which the individual was exposed by. The researcher stressed the methods of inappropriate social conditioning and its role in the emergence of Glossophobia. The researcher presented a set of theories that addressed the causes of Glossophobia, and he emphasized the role of guidance and guiding programs in reducing Glossophobia among university students.

The researcher also, recommended (the need to pay attention to the role of psychological guidance through detecting and diagnosing Glossophobia phenomenon as well as treating and reducing it).

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