Two Lecturers at the University of Basrah issues Book on (Andalusia cities )


Dr. Jassim Yassin Mohammed and Dr. Hussein Jabbar Mujaitel, Two professors at the Faculty of Education for Human Sciences at the University of Basrah, published a book entitled "Historical Studies in Al-Andalus cities" (Tudela, Zamora, Tarazona, Calatrava, Lisbon, Lorca, Medinaceli).

The book contains seven topics, in which it discusses the introduction of these seven cities since the conquest till falling in Spanish Christians hands, and dealt with the study of each city of historical geography and then the history of political and intellectual contributions).

The book discussed (the factors of the emergence and expansion of each city, and each city has its own story which begins with the conquest and ends with it occupation as well as that each city has its own privacy, it’s in their natural and human conditions are different from each other, hence the importance of Andalusian cities study was found).

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