University of Basrah Discusses Electronic Program for Educational Clinics with Specialists Group


Faculty of Dentistry Medicine at University of Basrah with a group of the Basrah Technical University graduates discussed the operating methods of an electronic program for educational clinics of Dentistry Medicine College.

The manager of the E-website unit at the college, Najem Abd Alwadood, mentioned that the program aims to develop the work and establish a comprehensive database which must be linked to the branches of the college.

 He added that this program is one of the projects presented by the graduates participated in the program to enable young graduates to design and manage small projects implemented by the quality assurance department at the college.

Explaining that this program was developed by the E-website unit at the college to achieve accuracy and quality within the overall performance of educational clinics and provides an accurate database for the lecturers, the students, and all branches of science as well as researchers in this area.

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