Lecturers at University of Basrah Participates in the First Scientific Human Sciences Conference at Dohuk University

The Dean of Nursing Faculty at the University of Basrah, Dr. Abdul-Amir Abdullah Yacoub Al-Moussawi, at the first international scientific conference for human and pure sciences at Basic Education college at University of Dohuk.

The participation included presenting research entitled (The impact of the educational program on the knowledge of nurses about brain death).

Al-Musawi explained in his research which was applied to a group of nurses in Basrah hospitals, the results showed that the majority of them suffer from a lack of knowledge and after the implementation of the program there was a good indication to raise the level of knowledge and awareness towards brain death, Al-Moussawi following by mentioning that the study recommended the application of the program on all hospitals in Iraq to reduce Death issues due to the lack of knowledge by brain death.


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