Lecturer at the University of Basrah Participates in Training Course Organized by the IREX American organization


Lecturer at University of Basrah, Dr. Hassan Nima Habib, Participates in training course at the Faculty of Agriculture, in a comprehensive training program for the internal training of Iraqi university coordinators in Erbil.

Habib mentioned that the course was organized by the American organization IREX and in cooperation with Michigan University and the US Embassy in Iraq as well as The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq.
It included the training of the internal training coordinators of all Iraqi universities as well as the universities of the Kurdistan Region.

Habib also express that the aim of training course is to develop the workforce, expanding education activities and improve employ ability by demonstrating how to design and launch an effective training program, in cooperation with students, lecturer staff, The advanced staff of universities and various industrial companies as well as discuss the best practices regarding the selection of students and graduates for employment and evaluation of their performance.
Adding that the training included developing time plans to implement training requirements and that they had received more than one summer internship offer for students in more than one company.

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